Tuesday, August 16, 2005

UPDATE: Poor Mrs. Sheehan

Mrs. Sheehan, the amazing mourning mother, is being divorced by you husband. He left her after the death of their son, and she became obsessed with meeting President Bush -- for a second time. Most people would be happy to have met the President of the United States once.

The Bush neighbors are already tired of the anti-war antics. One Texas good old boy showed his frustration in Longhorn style -- firing his shotgun into the air. Fortunately, it did no harm, and not sure it did much good either. Another neighbor took his Texas sports car (known elsewhere as an open bed pick up truck) and ran down the small wooden crosses erected on the public roadway.

Judging from the blogs and other expressions of mass opinion, the general public is growing wearing, too. Instead of the grieving mother, she is starting to be perceived (correctly, I believe) as a pathetic human being lashing out -- trying to affix blame on anyone she can.

As her quest drags on, without any real hope of succeeding, I have decided that my harsher criticism, and even making her the butt of humor, was uncalled for. I now see her as a truly damaged individual, incapable of expressing her sorrow in an appropriate fashion. She is not leading a movement, but captive of her own angst. She will soon learn that once the militants have depleted her value, she will spend more lonely times to contemplate her feelings.

I believe she can best benefit from professional counseling. Once her quixotic quest is completed, I hope she will seek the help she appears to need.

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