Saturday, August 20, 2005

OBSERVATION: The (un)making of a Supreme Court justice

Imagine thousands of people going over every word you have written in your entire life, soliciting information on everything you said or done that can be used or misused ... reported or distorted ... to make you look bad. Their only purpose is to ravage and ruin your reputation simply to deny you the job you are seeking -- and the boss wants you to have.

Further imagine that this process will take place in public eye, with half the reporters in America in pursuit of personal fame and fortune by attempting to find or create some "smoking gun" in your past. They eagerly hope to be credited with your downfall -- your public humiliation. They hope to encourage so much controversy that you cannot be hired -- even though the controversy is unfair, unwarranted and based on untruths. They hope to write books contingent on your total demonization. Your truthful explanations will be disregarded or distorted.

Some of the shrewdest minds in politics will cobble together out of context statements and specious arguments to vilify you in public hearings. Your public image will be shaped beyond any recognition by your family, friends and loved ones. Many of them may even shed tears of anguish to see you so brutalized in the court of public opinion.

THAT should give you some idea of what Judge John Roberts is going through at this moment. The process is not grueling ... it is gruesome. And made more so by a highly partisan, strident, tradition breaking liberal Democrat leadership in the Senate.

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