Monday, August 15, 2005

OBSERVATION: Liberal tears the latest media grabber?

Ebony publisher John Johnson was laid to rest over theweekend. I was personally saddened to see the passing of this wonderful man. (See my item, August 9). On the cover of this mornings Chicago Sun-Times was a photo of Mr. Johnson in repose, with a hanky-to-eyes Jesse Jackson standing over the open casket. The reverend is not about to be outdone in the press by Mrs. Sheehan, the defending champion front page weeper.

Why newpapers, especially the Sun-Times, thinks that the presence of Jesse Jackson is a reportable event several times a week I just don't know -- not that I fault Jackson for getting all the publicity he can. If we did not have the term "media freak," would have to invent it just for him. Even his son chided the old man recently, saying that he (Congressman Jackson) had not had five press conferences in ten years while his dad has that many a day.

Having had my own personal experiences with Reverend Jackson, I don't trust the tears, even at such a moment of mourning. Ok. that is too harsh. Maybe he was truly moved to weep. But I have to tell you, the man is so media manipulative that nothing would surpirse me. I bet ya he timed is visit to the wake to ensure the presence of maximum press.

Frankly, I think there were others who should have been pictured in the page one tribute, like Mr. Johnson's widow (small photo on page 4) or family members, or even some of the other prominent persons in attendance.

Well ... judging from how well the prelims are going for Supreme Court nominee John Roberts, I expect we have not seen the last of liberal lacrymation. Not since Main Senator Edmund Muskie cried at the end of his presidential quest have I seen such an outpouring -- literally.

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