Thursday, August 04, 2005

SPIN: Chicago Tribune cannot make up its mind.

Front page story in the Chicago Tribune (Aug, 4) chronicals the indictment of three attorneys on charges relating to the ongoing political corruption investigation. Reporters Matt O'Conner and Ray Gibson refer to the "big catch," Stuart Levine, as "a wealthy Republican insider," but do not apply a party label to the two others until later in the story. (Both are prominent Democrats.)

On page two, columnist John Kass calls Levine a "top Democratic fundraiser."

While it is true that Levine has played both sides, his far greater association, and the venue of his corruption, is within the Democrat party. The Republican reference is media spin.

Please understand, I am way not forgiving or minimizing Republican corruption and criminality. I have been a critic of that portion of the GOP "establishment " for a very long time. Not shedding an tears over the indictment of our former Governor George Ryan. Just that I think we should keep an accurate and unbiased scorecard.

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