Tuesday, August 16, 2005

OBSERVATION: Now for the REALLY serious stuff on women

Little noticed among the big news of the day -- like Iraq's failure to approve a constitution, the slippage in George Bush's popularity and the fact that Ted Kennedy did NOT have a drink or grope any young cuties today -- is an under reported story with astounding implications.

Thanks to media bias against conservatives -- especially the Christian right -- most of you may not know that Liberty University, run by Jerry Falwall, is going to allow female students to wear pants and flip flops to class.

What else could Mr. Moral Majority do after the conservative While House allowed several members of a ladies championship volley ball team have photos taken with the President in flip flops. (No! Not the President in flip flops! The ladies. Geeez. Presidents don't wear flop flops, they engage in them.)

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