Sunday, August 14, 2005

UPDATE: Mrs. Sheehan's 15 minutes is about up.

You have to admit, the left is working overtime to keep the mourning mom in the for of the anti-Bush movement. It is making me a bit testy. So, setting my otherwise sunny disposition aside for a moment, let me be cranky.

While Mrs. Sheehan's son's sacrifice was real, and her initial grieving was real, she is now a threatical figure on the political stage.

She claims that her motivation came from her meeting with President Bush, when she found him "detached." Well if he is detached, she is downright unhinged. Her grief was so severe that she launched a personal website, and hired a public relations agency to promote her public mourning. Just wait, you know there is a book and movie in this -- especially since the publishing industry and Hollywood are still controlled by the ebbing left wing.

If you check out her photographs, she is usually slumped in a prompted painful "pity me" pose surrounded by innumerable lenses of every variety. Her act of mourning is now more act than mourning. It is difficult to sincerely pity her loss when she honors that loss by using it to pander to the press and public.

The fact that she acually had a meeting with the President gives credence to the adage that "no good deed goes unpunished."

Mrs. Sheehan, I am sorry you lost your son. I am sorry for so many who suffer. But, grief is not an entitlement to vulgar vanity. It will not excuse dishonesty. It cannot be rewarded with sympathy when flagrantly use to advance a political agenda. I read that your other children want you home. I suggest sooner rather than later. Your undeserved 15 minutes of fame is about up.

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