Monday, August 15, 2005

REACT: Another Daley bud in trouble -- stiffs minority companies

You think Chicago Mayor Richard Daley hangs around the rich and famous of the city? Apparently his buddies are a lot of guys who never make the news unless they are visited by law enforcement officials. They are the rich and I-don't-want-to-be-famous people.

The latest is a guy named Richard Crandall, who has picked up more than $147 million in city contracts. He comes from the old neighborhood, serves on a local kids club with the Mayor, gets his insurance from the Mayor's brother, and, of course, donates to the Mayor's campaign.

One wonders how he can afford the contributions since he apparently does not pay his subcontractors -- mostly minority companies he needs to qualify for the BIG contracts. One company went out of business for lack of Crandall's payments -- 49 people lost their jobs. In another case, 9 people were let go because the Mayor's pal failed to pay.

This is just another example how the Democrat machine works. For all the blabber on the surface about minority rights, the Dems record is dismal. They use the minorities to enrich themselves, and then stiff them. Just consider this comment from one of the Black subcontractors. "I'm African-American and female, and everybody thinks they can screw me, and people have tried left and right, but never like this," said Deborah Dillon, owner of Dillon Power.

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