Saturday, August 20, 2005

BECAUSE YOU ASKED: What is with that transportation bill?

President Bush came to House Speaker Denny Hastert's Illinois district to sign the transportation bill. That was appropriate since a lot of money from the bloated legislation is earmarked for Mr. Speaker's homeland.

The transportation bill stands as testimony that big spending and pork barrel politics are not the exclusive domain of the Democtrats. As I watched the President signing away billions in unnecessary expenditures, the image on the small screen seemd to be morphing into Bill Clinton. And, that may be unfair to Clinton.

For all his other faults -- and they are many -- he was not the worst fiscal chief executive in recent times. I suspect many liberal Democrats were as pained by his surprise conservative approach to some money matters as I was by George Bush's willingness to praise that which he warned against so recently. Despite the fact that the appropriations for the transportation bill exceeded the President's ceiling, he signed it anyway.

This would have been a good time for him to take out his never used veto pen.

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