Monday, August 15, 2005

UPDATE: 16 minutes of fame for Mrs. Sheehan

Arrrrgh. I just checked out the new and there is another image of Mrs. Sheehan's face contorted in an expression of pain and agony -- with lots of cameras to record the event. I figure she is now running overtime on her 15 minutes of fame. Given the level of Mrs. Sheehan's prolonged crying, I think grief counseling is in order.

Personally, I think the neighbor who fired his shotgun in the air was the timekeeper, indicating Mrs. Sheehan's 15 minutes was up. Of course, Mrs. Sheehan immediately assured everyone that she did not care about her personal safety -- which was never in question anyway. But, it is always good to be assured.

She did predict that there was potential for violence. If such an unfortunate thing should happen, it would carry Mrs. Sheehan into overtime. One protester did not leave on Sunday as planned because she saw the encampment as history in the making. She obviously is no student of history. The signing of the Magna Charta -- that is history in the making. The Declaration of Independence -- that is history in the making. The Emancipation Proclamation -- that is history in the making. Dan Rather's exit from CBS -- that is history in the making. But the Crawford Texas anti-war camp out and hootenanny? That has a historic shelf life of ripe bananas.

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