Saturday, August 06, 2005

REACT:Illinois national GOP chairman promoted

Pays to have friends in high places -- even when those friends are in a bit of trouble.

Robert Kjellander, Republican national committeeman from Illinois is a very close friend of White House honcho Karl Rove. Kjellander has recently been elected treasurer of the National GOP, and no one fills that job without the assent of the WH. It is obvious from his selection that the White House, or at least Karl Rove, no longer gives a hoot about Illinois in future elections.

Just this week, I identified Kjellander as part of the Republican problem in Illinois, not the solution (which apparently stalled his selection by the D.C. crowd a fraction of a nanosecond.)

It is more than that $800,000 goodie contract he got from the Dems, his vision of the future is not inspiring. He represents the old guard in a state where most of them will be convening in prison. Kjellander says he will be able to bring more dollars to Illinois. I doubt it. But even if he does, they are more likely to be used to cram the wallets of his buddies without much consideration to the best interests of the Republican Party.

Brings to mind the fleecing of the Senator Phil Graham's presidential campaign by former Governor George Ryan. (Graham believed the Ryan team would actually perform work for the money. He was unfamiliar with the long standing Illinois tradition of taking political and taxpayer money and not working.)

I think I will get the jump on the television networks. In 2004, I hereby declare Illinois as a blue state. Remember, you read it here first.

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