Friday, August 19, 2005

REACT: Former Illinois Governor Ryan will not negotiate a plea bargain

You know how some things just make you laugh out loud.

The top drawer attorney for indicted former Governor George Ryan dismissed the idea of any plea bargain. "There have been absolutely no plea negotiations. And there won't be. I don't know how it can be any clearer that that," said Dan Webb. George wants his day in court. He will stand tall for exoneration.

Of course there will be no plea negotiations!! Ryan is the top prize, there is no one bigger to tattle on. He is the center of the target ... the prey ... the end of the line (or rope, if you prefer). Those beneath him are getting all kinds of offers from prosecutors for evidence on the ex guv. Who is he going to flip on? The President? The Pope? His wife? (Not the Pope’s wife, silly, Ryan’s).

Harry Truman popularized the adage "the buck stops here." Ryan must know full well that the "buck" can be a subpoena.

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