Wednesday, August 10, 2005

REACT: New president for lawyers group

The American Bar Association has elected a new President. He is Michael Greco. I know nothing of this guy, but I am already nervous. He eschews the atmosphere of extremism. However, as a gesture of appreciation, he acknowledged the presence of left wing extremist Fr. Robert Drinan -- a man he called his mentor, no less. His mentor! Geez! You can see why I'm nervous. It appears Mr. Greco's view of extremism is everything to the right of the left field foul line.

According to the Chicago Sun-Time, "he sees ... a disturbing trend that includes politicians trying to score points by bashing judges who won't jump on political bandwagons. "Now, perhaps he is talking about people like Ted Kennedy, Jesse Jackson and the leftist feminists, who say all those terrible things about judges with whom they do not agree -- but I fear he is targeting criticism only at judges with more conservative strict constructionist views rather than the liberal activists who have usurped enormous power.

Greco also wants to send lawyers to schools to teach civics. And why not, lawyers, with the help of activist courts, are gradually taking over the world. I say, we should treat lawyers the same way we treat sex offenders. Keep them away from the kids!!!

In his acceptance speech, he called for more pro bono (free) work by lawyers on half of "people in need." A good I idea, I say. I think the pro-life movement would benefit from some good legal minds. Or maybe lawyers protecting the Second Amendment rights of gun owners. But Alas, I bet that is not what he had in mind.

The ABA likes to play a unique and extra legal role of pre-screening judges for appointments to high courts. Recent Republican administrations have encouraged their opinion of the ABA, but have declined to give them an extraordinary role. With Mr. Greco in charge, I think a polite deaf ear is the appropriate response.

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