Sunday, February 11, 2007

WARNING: You are about to be nationalized … again

Periodically, our federal bureaucrats think of reasons that Americans should have a national identification card. Of course, they proffer many good reasons. It is for our own good.

That is the mantra of unrelenting autocrats, who are motivated more by consolidation of power than concern for people.

Each time Washington invents a new rationale for the “big brother” ID card, the eternally vigilant forces rise to smite the idea. (Love that word, “smite”). However, never underestimate the ability of the bureaucrats (nee autocrats) to think of innovative means to the same end.

The most current manifestation of the old national ID is the so-called national drivers’ license. The feds say it will make driving standards uniform throughout the nation. It will also help track the bad guys of one sort or another. That is the scary word … “track.” The problem is, once the government can “track” bad guys, the definition of “bad guys” will be ever expanding. (“Bad guys” includes women, too. Once in a while I see the need for political correctness). You and I may not be in the crosshairs of federal surveillance yet, but the guns are pointed in your and my general direction.

We have to understand that there is no reason to make the standards uniform. We have to leave lots of room for local decisions in a free society. Not only is local decision-making better policy, it is enormously less expensive. If those “they”s had THEIR way, D.C. would make every regulation uniform by simply stomping all over your local standards and culture. What makes America great, and a democracy, is the right of citizens to control their own lives … and diversity is part of it. We should encourage local control (where we actually have more control).

Fortunately, local legislatures are as power crazed as the folks behind the beltway, so they are resisting the idea. They are not about to let Washington take their power away. That is the beauty of our federal system so carefully crafted by a bunch of unusually enlightened men. Let’s hope they succeed. Nay, let’s help them succeed.

Give your U.S. congressman and senator a shot (figuratively), and demonstrate your opposition to this latest scam from Washington.

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