Wednesday, February 07, 2007

REACT: Racism by any other name

I hate racism. I really do. You may think that is a good thing. And it is. But it still gets me into a lot of trouble. You see, I hate ALL racism ... even black racism.

Unfortunately, if you point out examples of black racism, many deem you racists. We live under this huge double standard that racism is exclusively a white phenomenon, and we must view black racism as nothing more than ethnic pride.

Case in point.

Recently, Illinois Senate Presdient Emil Jones call for all blacks to support "brother" Barak Obama. (Someone should tell Emil, Barak is only is half brother). Jones' only criteria for his plea was the color of Obama's skin. He was railing against the many blacks who still like Hillary Clinton and others. If you take Emil's quotes and put them in the mouth of a white southern politician, you would think he was speaking for the KKK.

For the most part, Emil is affable and friendly ... a pretty nice guy. But you get that "black supremcy" language going, and he sounds a bit ... well ... racist.

We should heap more scorn on anyone playing the race card, black or white. Of course, that would pratically put my favorite black racists, Jesse Jackson, out of business completely. He is the David Duke of black racism. There is a lot of deserved media scorn on skinheads, white supremecists and neo-Nazis, but almost never much response to the outrageous and porvocative racist rhetoric of black hate groups or such prominent racists as Judge Eugene Pincham.

I personally think there would be a lot less racism if we dealt with the issue on a fair and equitable basis. Our civic and social referees should call "out of bounds" on both sides.

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