Saturday, February 03, 2007

REACT: Escalating violence in Iraq

News item: Suicide bomber kills more than 100 men, women and children in Baghdad market.

Sometimes you just don't want to be right ... be an I-told-you-so. This is one of those occasions. The escalating violence in Iraq was predictable ... and I, for one, predicted it. The rising tide of public criticism of the war, and the peace activists’ efforts to weaken American resolve, has been successful. It culminated in the election of the pacifists and appeasers. At least that is the logical view of the terrorists.

The constant drum beat against the American war effort has emboldened the enemy. The likes of John Kerry and Ted Kennedy, wittingly or unwittingly, gave the mass murders hope and confidence. They read from the same script as Osama Bin Laden.

Prior to the election, I predicted -- to the angry chagrin of quite a few friends and associates -- that a Democrat victory would result in increased terrorist activities, and eventually a significant attack on the United States, here or abroad – or maybe both. It was as certain a consequence as is darkness after sunset. We already are witnessing the first phase of my sad prognostication.

Our failure to back the President in a time of war has increased the death rate, both among innocent citizens and our own good fighting men and women. It has prolonged the war. It has made victory over terrorism more difficult. It has greatly imperiled our homeland.

For the sake of partisan advantage and a personal disdain for Bush, many members of Congress, much of the press and many angry citizens caste aside the long-established and ever-necessary tradition of solidarity in conflict. They turned their backs on the brave fighting men and women, and the victims or tyranny and terrorism. They besmirched a just cause, and betrayed the national honor. They aided and abetted the enemies of mankind. All for personal glory and political gain.

This increased flow of blood stains the hands of the cowardly killers -- and those who gave them hope and encouragement. They are the enemy within. You know their names ... because they are in the newspaper almost every day.

Post Script: I know this may seem a bit harsh. But as a grandfather who has just seen his grandson (pictured) off to Iraq, I deeply resent anyone who encourages the killers to be even more murderous. I take it personally … very personally.

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