Friday, February 09, 2007

REACT: The plane truth about Speaker Pelosi

Seems like our glass ceiling shattering populist House Speaker Nancy Pelosi follows the tradition of so many limousine liberals. Fresh from increasing the minimum wage for unskilled workers, Madam Speaker was off ordering and new and bigger plane for her personal use, courtesy of the taxpayers. Seems the current plane is not large enough to suit her needs. (It is mind-boggling to think that the petit Pelosi needs a plane bigger than Nast-ish Denny Hastert).

According to the requisition, Her Eminence needs more room for colleagues (junkets?), friends (cronyism?) and family (nepotism?). She also needs a plane that can make the trip to her safe haven of California without having to touch down for refueling in what her ilk disparagingly refer to as “fly over” America – you know, that part of America between the east and west coast where the true American culture resides. For Pelosi, the term, “fly over America,” is literal.

I hope she remembers to request one men’s toilet and two ladies’ toilets. Would not want to have her standing in line.

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