Tuesday, May 08, 2007

OBSERVATION: Give that man a hug!!

I saw something really nice the other day. It was at a track meet, watching my 13-year-old son competing.

I noticed one of the other coaches working with his teams. In addition to the obvious pep talk, or post-race congratulations, he hugged his players affectionately – boys and girls alike. Occasionally, he patted a player on the butt as they sped by him.

Why did I say this was something nice?

Well, because it shows that even in these days of anal retentive, hyper-sensitive nut cases, there is still a society that can express caring and encouragement with an supportive embrace. Happily, no parent or student seemed offended by the coach’s actions – in fact, they hardly seemed to be phased at all. Contrary to politically correct paranoia, these were not sexual expressions. They were a way of showing affection and appreciation. They were self-esteem builders. There was a feeling of something really special between coach and athlete, and it was not salacious.

I would like to give personal credit here to this great coach, but I fear revealing his name and school would only sic the sick self-appointed safeguarders of society on him. He would likely be tracked down and made to “stand accused” for transgressions he did not commit outside the midget minds of the moral militia.

POST SCRIPT: I suddenly am reminded of Marva Collins, the founder of Chicago’s Westside Prep school. She was so successful in turning round hardcore inner city kids that they made a movie about her school. Contrary to all the scary warnings of the legal eagles of the school industry, Marva was an on-campus hugger and a kisser.

POST POST SCRIPT: Oh yeah! My son. He came in first in shot put and 4-man relay. Thanks for asking. However, as far as I know, he was not hugged by anyone other than his parents that day.

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