Thursday, May 17, 2007

SIDEBAR: You gotta have heart

I recently heard the nicest words. “You had a heart attack.”

Its true, just returned from the hospital Intensive Care Unit contemplating a future by-pass surgery.

Why do I say those were such nice words? Well … now think about it for a moment. I am sure some of you figured it out by now, but for those of you still scratching your head, here is the “duh.” A lot of people with who suffer a heart attack do not have the good fortune to hear those words because they are … D-E-A-D. So, consistent with my philosophy that my life is perfect at any moment, I found it comforting to be able to hear the doctor’s report and to be around to even contemplate my future medical needs.

There are four things that make my life -- maybe any life -- worth living. Belief in an afterlife (though my belief is not always in line with contemporary religious teachings). The belief that our earthly life has meaning and purpose (not always easy to find). No fear of death. (Why should we?) And a realization that our life on earth is perfect at almost every moment (even when you have a heart attack).

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