Friday, May 11, 2007

REACT: Radler wears the Black hat.

David Rat-ler … ooops … I mean Radler, the former friend and business partner of media mogal Sir Conrad Black has finally made it to the stand. He confirmed my opinion of him as a slimy, scheming, lying good for nothing.

Thanks to the generosity of the federal prosecutors, Rat-ler … ooops, there I go again … RADLER has paid off some of the money he stole, will face a short term in jail, and retire a very free and rich man. All he had to do was hang his long time friend, and the guy who made him rich, with the best lies he could conjour.

Not knowing if Black has tripped over some legal land mines, or not, I still hope the jury finds him innocent. This was not my first desire. In fact, I originally was hoping the s.o.b. would be locked up for good. But, as the trial progressed, many of the “crimes” seemed to be technical interpretations. Then there was the testimony of former Illinois Governor Jim Thompson, who, as head of the audit committee, admitted he never read any of the relevant documents. Then enter Radler. After hearing his testimony, I figure if that scumbag can get a light sentence and re-enter life a rich man, the Black should walk.

Radler has lied all his life to save or advantage himself. He lied in business deals. He lied at editorial matters at the Sun-Times. (I know this because he lied to me personally, and I still have the letter to prove it). He lied to the prosecutors. He lied to his OWN attorney. It does not take much more to conclude that he is lying on the stand. As is often the case with “plea bargains,” I think the feds bought his lies, not his testimony.

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