Sunday, April 29, 2007

REACT: Kansas judge overrules God.

As part of our continuing effort to understand why judges need armed protection, we have yet another example of our judiciary out of control. In this case, we are dealing with judicial malfeasance by virtue of stupidity.

Seems like an unnamed young Kansas woman wanted to be a mother, but was not interested in intimacy with someone of the necessary opposite sex. So, she finds a good male specimen among her friends and they informally agree (no written contract) to a bit of sperm bank virtual intercourse. The result is a set of twins.

Ms. Penisphobe says she never intended for the guy to have any daddy involvement. Sort of like fish. The male sprays the egg nest …then swims off into anonymity. Mr. Ricochetromance says he always wanted to be a real daddy to his kids.

Oh! Did is say “his” kids. Not so, according to a Kanas judge.

The court ruled that the sperm donor is in no way the father. He has no more relationship to the twins “than does the taxi driver who rushed their mother to the hospital …” Here we have some a judge overruling science … and God.

If, in a night of drunken abandon, the good lady had suspended her penis anxiety and allowed her equally drunken friend of moment of foolish romping, they still might have had twins, and the courts would be declaring visiting rights --- and hold the guy responsible for 18 years of support payments. Same people. Same egg and sperm. Same twins. The only difference was the proximity of the penis to the birthing chamber.

Hopefully, there remains some sanity at the appellate level, where this case is heading.

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