Monday, September 05, 2005

SPIN: News headlines misrepresent facts (Part 2)

I caught a CNN video clip of Mayor Ray Nagin on AOL. The teaser headline stated that he added more criticism of the federal government. In fact, he was somewhat complimentary of his meeting with Bush, indicating that he was acting forcefully. He praised the President for his assignment of General Russel Honore to direct federal operations. Nagin, however, was quite critical of the slow response to Democrat Governor Kathleen Blanco -- exactly the OPPOSITE of the lead-in.

This was similar to a previous report in which Nagin criticized both Bush and Blanco, but CNN/AOL headlined only his criticism of federal response.

When I went back to show the more recent video to others, the teaser was changed to say only that Nagin was describing his meeting with Bush and Blanco. Interestingly, however, the video clip was edited by CNN to censor the portions critical of Blanco -- leaving a totally false impression that he was still directing his frustration at Bush.

Throughout the crisis, CNN has used every sleazy journilistic trick to spin all responsibility on the Repbulican administration, while absolving the Democrat state and city administrations.

Even in consideration of CNN's well established political bias against Repbulicans, especially conservatives, this was pretty eggregious.

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