Sunday, September 18, 2005

OBSERVATION: Death on decline

Well ... finally some good news. According to a recent American Cancer Society study, death rates are declining across the board, due to improved treatment for such killers as heart disease and, of course, cancer. Talking the study to its logical conclusion, by the year 2048 Americans will no longer die. I was of the assumption that the death rate among humans is 100%. It is good to know, however, that fewer of us will die each year.

Of course, these findings are sure to enflame the science versus religion debate, since not dying will preclude the faithful from going to heaven. Unless, of course, the religious commit suicide. In that brave new world, would suicide then become a religious rite ... right ... which ever?

This futurist thinking is just too much of a brain strain for a Sunday morning. Besides, I have to go to church ... maybe.

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