Thursday, September 22, 2005

OBSERVATION: No wonder some think blacks look alike

There is an old thing about all blacks looking alike through caucasian eyes. Well, artist Simmie Knox is not helping matters, and he is black.

Let me preface my observation by saying that I think Simmie is one hell of a portriat painter. If I were famous enough or rich enough to have an official protrait, I would ask Simmie to do it. For one thing, his portriats actually look like the real people ... only even better. That is what I want ... realism, but better.

Anyway, when researching the background of U.S. Representative Josepth Rainey (R-SC) and Senator Hiram Revels (R-MS), the first blacks to serve in those respective bodies, I noticed that the recently dedicated portrait of Rainey looked a bit familiar. When I checkout our Revels old portrait, my confusion was understandable.

Check out Rainey on the left (being admired at his dedication this week) and Revels on the right. One gets the sense that Semmie was not going for originality when casting the setting for his study of Rainey. Same pose. Same chair. Same table. Same flag.

They are so similar (maybe that's what Simmie stands for) that you can play "pick out the ten differences." I'll give you some hints. Different ties ... one has crossed legs ... and the hair length ... and a window. I can't find anymore. Can you?

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