Monday, September 08, 2008

NEWS: Good news from Hollywood

Crazed child abuser and political nut case, Alec Balwin, has repeated is previously broken promise to leave America forever is the public puts the Republican in the Oval Office.

You may recall that he made a similar promise on the eve of George Bush's election. He reneged. Hopefully, this time will do the trick.

You will recall Alec as the guy how brutally berated his 11-year-old daughter in a voice mail message. He also is leading the fight to get horse-drawn carriages of the streets of New York and Chicago. You can see he is a man who can grasp the most compelling issues of the day.

I was so impressed with his campaign against carriages that I decided to memorialize him by naming the sacks suspended between the horse's hind legs to catch the horse droppings as "baldwin bags." That term is now recognized in the Urban Dictionary, and officially adopted by the horse carriage associations.

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