Friday, March 09, 2007

OP ED: What are those congressional Dems thinking?

I tend to be a pretty go-along guy. Sure, I fully expected to be disappointed by the agenda of the new leadership in Congress. But ... that's part of life. Win some, lose some. What I was not prepared for was the utter abandonment of common sense, decency and good judgment.

In a funny sort of way, I could not be more pleased. At the rate they are going, I am looking forward to the self destruction of the liberal Democrats before the next round of elections. Who could have presaged the craziness coming from Capitol Hill these days?

Of course, the situation in Iraq is a major issue. So far, the Dems have waved the white flag of surrender to the murderous terrorists while declaring partisan political war on the Bush administration. Pelosi, Reid, Durbin et al slipped into leadership by promising to end the war that Bush botched. Now they are faced with the ugly reality or responsibility. Instead of advancing their oft promised "new direction, however, they are running around like Keystone Kops trying to find a political solution to the growing insurrection with the ranks of their own party. Peace at any cost is not sitting well with the public, and these vitriolic schemes to take over the duties of the Commander-in-Chief are down right dangerous. The proposed “delayed surrender” in 2008 is nothing short of insane. It tells the terrorist that time and the Democrat majority is on there side.

Maybe the collapse of the Democrats strategy has placed too much pressure on Speaker Pelosi. She seems to be losing it. First, she was on there verge of appointing a disgraced and impeached judge, now congressman, Alcee Hastings, as chairman of the Intelligence Committee. That was so nutty, that she had to back down or face a vote of “no confidence” in the form of her candidate's rejection by the House membership.

Now she taps Representative William Jefferson (D-LA) for a place on the cloak-and-dagger Home Security Committee. You may recall him as the fellow arrested by the FBI with $90,000 in marked bills wrapped in tinfoil in his freezer -- the proceeds from a bribery sting operation. When they legally raided his office to find more evidence, Pelosi screamed foul, essentially admitting what we all suspected -- that congress is a rule-of-law free-zone. Corruption is officially protected by congressional privilege, implies Pelosi.

Now under the leadership of the liberal left, Congress has tossed out one of the most important and fundamental concepts of a free society -- the secret ballot. In this case it applies to Union elections. In the name of protecting workers, unions will not be able to hold elections with each working having to publicly declare his or her voice. This is such a hideous piece of legislation that I think every member who voted in favor should be impeached and lynched. Ooops. Sorry, we don't lynch any more. Pity. (<-- Now for all you uptight hyper lefties. I was not serious about lynching the Democrat leadership. This was just a joke ... a bit of exaggeration. I find this disclaimer necessary so you do not go around saying conservatives want to kill everyone.) Lighten up, for God sake.)

What the Congress is doing these days under the new leadership is about as extreme as you can get. Oh no. I am not talking extreme liberalism. I am referring to extreme stupidity. I am confident, however, in the (almost) unfailing good judgment of the American people to correct the mistakes of their elected officials. Perhaps 2008 is a better time to defeat both the terrorists and the appeasement-minded Democrat leadership in Congress.

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