Friday, March 16, 2007

OBSERVATION: Of course crime pays.

David Radler, former Chief Operating Officer of the Chicago Sunk-Times (Ooops, that should be SUN-Times) is living proof that crime pays. He has just reached a settlement with the SEC to pay more than $28 million to avoid further prosecution. He buys himself a “Get of Jail Free” card.

Not so “free,” you say? Just think of it this way. He is paying his “fine” with a portion of the money he stole. It is like getting caught robbing the bank, and being let go after paying some of the money back. Just think how much the guy stole to be able to pay a fine of $28 million … geez.

Couple this "buy out" and his plea bargain on the other charges, and Radler still winds up a very rich and free man for all his misdeeds. That is not justice.

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