Tuesday, July 25, 2006

OBSERVATION: Another "View:

Just read the reports about The View's newest panelist Mo'nque showing her hairy legs. Au natural may be ok for female calves, but she admits to shaving her underarms because it is "a different kind of hair" and it stinks. That is the kind of information that is useful every day.

I read a lot in the news about this show, but am I crazy, or what? (No answer needed). Has Barbara (Waa Waa) Walters descended to overseeing a show only slightly less vulgar ... and equally irrelevant ... than Jerry Springer.

Am I too assume that Star Jones lost her minority seat with a "view" because she lost weight? She was literally a star panelist before she shed umpteen pounds. Now she is replaced by Mo'nque, a very chunky black female with the hairy gams (but barren pits). Or maybe Star refused to allow her legs to take on the appearance of a New York nightclub bouncer.

One can only hope that The View quickly slips from ... .

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